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Slowing Down at Home

Erika – Karuna Digital Fundraiser This time last year I had it in my mind as a sure thing that I’d be on the Karuna team retreat 2019. I’d have Kes, my son, weaned. He’d be sleeping separately and I’d be back to pre-baby ways of doing what I wanted in the timeframe I planned. …

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Visiting New Work in Odisha

Written by Head of Programmes – Suddhaka. In October I had the chance to visit the newly established Karuna livelihoods project in Odisha. The project covers 15 villages in the remote forested hill district of Daringbadi, sometimes known as the Kashmir of Odisha because of its natural beauty. The area is populated by people from …

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BAM Reflections
Karuna Team

Reflections on Buddhist Action Month (BAM!)

In the last month Karuna participated in Buddhist Action Month: (BAM!)  which is an annual festival of Buddhist social action. It started in Britain in 2012 and has since spread out across Europe and beyond. Social action is one of the manifestations of METTA, the strong intention to create Loving Kindness for all, which is …

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