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Her Education is Life-Saving – Donations still being matched!

Thank you for the already overwhelming response to our Christmas Appeal: Her Education is Life-Saving. This appeal is extra special because anything you give can be doubled. Thank you to everyone who has gotten involved so far.

Donations are still being matched, so we’ve taken to the phones – if you’re a regular supporter, you might still get a call from our of our following wonderful fundraisers: Akashamitra, Carolyn, Erika, Frances, Lawrence, Louise, Nealey, Rakish or Sanghanath.

Rakish, one of our volunteer fundraisers

They are phoning to let you know about our plans next Spring to boost girls’ education in areas where so many young women have missed out during the pandemic. They might also ask for a donation over the phone if you would like to get involved. 

Please do consider an early Christmas present should your phone ring tonight!

To see more about why we are calling, please watch the video below:

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