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Earlier in the year, we contacted some of our supporters to ask a few questions; why they chose to support us, what they like about us and what we could do better. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. I’d like to share some of those responses with you now, as well as what we are doing in order to act on them.

80% continue to support us because they feel strongly about our mission, objectives and the need in India and Nepal

It is fantastic to know that so many feel that our mission, to end caste and gender based discrimination in India and Nepal, continues to be inspiring. In this year’s Annual Review, we wrote about our expansion into two new states in India, as well as increasing or work in Nepal to include children’s education. With support, we can continue to spread the benefit of our projects to wherever the need is required. 

While a quarter think we communicate just the right amount, 50% would like more information from us, particularly by email

Communication can be a tricky balance, and at Karuna, we try not to inundate our supporters with information. However, we understand that this may not be preferable to those who like to hear more about our work, new projects and events at Karuna. 

In the coming year, we are working on both increasing our online and social media presence, as well as improving our emails and mailing list options, so that you can have more access to the latest news or reports – but only if you want them.

50% think the thing we do best is our project work, while nearly 40% of you believe it is how we communicate.

We are so proud of the work we do and equally proud to be able to report back on how much donations have enabled us to do it. As we renew our strategy later this year, we want to continue our commitment to education, gender equality and livelihoods and keep making sure that we communicate the positive impact our supporters are making. 

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to the survey. 

Patrick Harper, Supporter Relationship Manager

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